• Years ago we dreamed of starting a business together, and now it has finally become a reality!

    As jewelry lovers, we are always aware of the latest trends. However, in discovering what we like, we noticed that something was still missing. Frequently sold items do not make you unique, as many already wear them. That is why we strive for exclusivity. With us you will find unique pieces that are not only trendsetting, but also radiate a feeling of exclusivity.

  • Welcome to our new adventure, where we combine our passion for jewelry with a pursuit of exclusivity!

    SIZZ the label is more than just a name; it represents the essence of our family business. The term 'SIZZ' is a powerful amalgamation of 'Sisters', which not only refers to the close bond between us, the 2 sisters, behind this label, but also to the vibrancy and passion we put into our creations.

  • Our mission is to deliver high-quality jewelry that accentuates the unique beauty and individuality of each wearer. We are dedicated to craftsmanship and sustainability, striving to create products with care and attention that perfectly complement your outfit.

  • Our vision is to evolve our brand and create unique designs that set us apart in the market. We aim to craft jewelry that not only enhances beauty but also reflects the wearer's individuality and personality. Through innovative and original creations, we seek to leave a lasting impression and inspire our customers.